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Is part of the Latvian economy already in the middle-income trap?
Igors Kasjanovs, World Economics, March 2015
There are fears that the observed moderation of growth rates in Latvia suggest it may soon be stuck in a Middle Income Trap. No uniform understanding .. More

Measuring Employment in Developing Countries
Nomaan Majid, World Economics, September 2014
This paper is concerned with measuring categories of employment that have an economy-wide meaning in the developing world. Employment has always had t.. More

Demystifying Youth Unemployment
Terence Tse, Mark Esposito, Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, World Economics, August 2013
Official data on youth unemployment across the European Union shows disturbingly high rates, but these figures misrepresent the problem by not taking .. More

World Markets of Tomorrow
James Waterson, World Economics, June 2013
The year 2030 sounds a long way in the future, but in reality it is only a little more than a decade and a half away. However, the changes that will a.. More

The End of Population Growth
Sanjeev Sanyal, World Economics, June 2012
The global fertility rate is declining much more rapidly than anyone anticipated. Human population may keep growing for a few more decades due to incr.. More

Wealth and Population Data in Africa
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, May 2012
There are very good grounds for challenging much of the conventionally accepted UN and World Bank economic data relating to both the absolute and rela.. More

Malthus Postponed
Keith Boyfield and Inna Ali, World Economics, June 2011
The authors examine the potential to promote palm oil production in the tropical regions of sub-Saharan Africa. Given world population pressures and s.. More

Measuring African GDP
Joe Downie, World Economics, June 2011
There is much speculation about the growth potential of African economies. But in the light of unreliable official statistics and the highly selective.. More

Managing Today’s Global Economy
F. Gerard Adams, World Economics, June 2011
Following the path-breaking work of Coase (1960), economists have recognised the complex issues of managing jointly owned and utilised properties, so-.. More

A Tale of Two Crises
Harold Lind, World Economics, June 2010
The paper argues that many erroneous conclusions derived from modelling are due to mistakes in logic rather than scientific methodology. The widely ac.. More

How Demographic Change can Bolster Economic Performance in Developing Countries
David E. Bloom & David Canning, World Economics, December 2003
Falling mortality rates spurred by medical, nutritional and lifestyle changes have spurred a ‘demographic transition’ in a majority of the world’s co.. More

Demographic Risk in Industrial Societies
Sylvester J. Schieber & Paul S. Hewitt, World Economics, December 2000
There is a growing awareness of the aging of populations around the world and the implications for national retirement programs. In most cases, estim.. More

The Market for Olympic Gold Medals
Stefan Szymanski, World Economics, December 2000
From a national perspective the Sydney Olympics were almost completely predictable. Statistical modelling shows that population size and income per he.. More
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