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Understanding Commercial Property Price Indexes
Mick Silver, World Economics, October 2013
The type of database used for the measurement of commercial property price indexes (CPPIs) dictates the potential weaknesses in the resulting indexes .. More

Bond yield comparisons are seriously distorted by using consumer price index deflators.
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, February 2013
This paper argues that calculations of real government bond yields should use GDP deflators rather than consumer price inflation indexes. The GDP defl.. More

Calculating UK inflation: Common Sense or Common Theft
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, December 2012
The Office of National Statistics (ONS) plans to launch a new Retail Price Index (RPI) known as the RPIJ (RPI Jevons) following a decision to implemen.. More

World Price Index
World Economics, World Economics, November 2012
The World Price Index (WPI) is an attempt at producing a timely usable index for frequent international economic comparisons. It is intended for compa.. More

The Human Development Index (HDI)
Avantika Chilkoti, World Economics, December 2011

Indian Wholesale and Consumer Price Indices
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, September 2011
The Central Statistics Office of the Government of India launched a new Consumer Price Index (CPI) which will start producing consumer price inflati.. More

Currency Valuation and Purchasing Power Parity
Jamal Ibrahim Haidar, World Economics, September 2011
This paper aims to highlight key limitations of The Economist magazine’s Big Mac Index (BMI). The Economist markets the BMI as a tool to.. More

The Power of Price Indexes
Raymond Cheung and Mike Waterson, World Economics, March 2011
Price indexes are the most important of all economic indicators simply because they are the tool used to calculate the real size, speed and direction .. More

What a Consumer Price Index Can’t Do
Ralph Turvey, World Economics, September 2004
A monthly consumer price index traces changes in the monthly cost of a year’s consumption using a sample of prices. But in some months the prices tha.. More

Some Proposed Methodological Developments for the UK Retail Prices Index
Mick Silver, World Economics, March 2003
The Retail Prices Index (RPI) is one of the UK’s most important macroeconomic indicators, as well as being used for indexation/adjustments for inflat.. More

Measuring Consumer Inflation in the United Kingdom
David Fenwick, World Economics, March 2003
Responding to Mick Silver’s proposals regarding the RPI, David Fenwick of the ONS summarises some of the issues that confront compilers of price indi.. More

Owner-occupiers and the Price Index
Ralph Turvey, World Economics, September 2000
The treatment of owner-occupied dwellings in Consumer Price Indexes varies between countries and is the subject of continuing controversy. Ralph Turve.. More

From Big Macs to iMacs
Jonathan Haskel & Holger Wolf, World Economics, June 2000
The authors review recent international price comparisons to examine the veracity of claims about “rip-off Britain”. They reach three conclusions. Fir.. More
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