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How to create a British Sovereign Wealth Fund
Keith Boyfield & Brian Sturgess, World Economics, November 2013
Britain does not possess a Sovereign Wealth Fund in contrast to Norway whose Government Pension Fund has assets of US$804 billion. There are proposals.. More

The Need to Improve Global Real Estate Data
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, September 2013

Demystifying Youth Unemployment
Terence Tse, Mark Esposito, Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, World Economics, August 2013
Official data on youth unemployment across the European Union shows disturbingly high rates, but these figures misrepresent the problem by not taking .. More

Harnessing Remittances for Africa’s Development
Mthuli Ncube, World Economics, May 2013
Data shows that African remittance inflows have quadrupled since 1990 reaching US$40 billion in 2010. Remittance flows relieve poverty, but they also .. More

Are poor Germans supporting rich Spaniards?
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, April 2013
The European Central Bank has published a survey of household wealth across the euro area which provides further evidence of the enormous economic imb.. More

Nigerian GDP to rise by 50 percent on improved measurement
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, April 2013
Economic statistics for many African countries are seriously deficient. In Ghana an improvement in evaluating economic activity, mainly in the Service.. More

How Australians Suddenly Got 12% Richer
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, October 2012

Asset Poverty in Rural India
Swati Dutta, World Economics, September 2012
In order to formulate policy to target the correctly identified rural poor in India, focus on an income poverty measure alone is insufficient. The pu.. More

Wealth and Population Data in Africa
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, May 2012
There are very good grounds for challenging much of the conventionally accepted UN and World Bank economic data relating to both the absolute and rela.. More

Counting the Bottom Billion
Morten Jerven, World Economics, December 2011
What do the statistics from the international databases tell us about income and growth in Sub-Saharan Africa? Less than we would like to think. The a.. More

The Human Development Index (HDI)
Avantika Chilkoti, World Economics, December 2011

House Price Indices: Does Measurement Matter?
Mike Silver, Statistics Department, International Monetary Fund, World Economics, September 2011
A key factor in understanding the global recession is movements in residential property price indexes (RPPIs). However, more than one national RPPI is.. More

Economic Growth in Venezuela
Claudio Paiva, World Economics, September 2010
This paper presents an empirical analysis of Venezuela’s economic growth in the last several decades, providing possible explanations for the country.. More

The Health and Wealth of Africa
David E. Bloom & David Canning, World Economics, June 2004
Among Africa’s problems, chronic poverty and poor health stand out. Traditional development thinking has maintained that health improvements are a c.. More

Is Economic Growth Good For Us?
Nicholas Crafts, World Economics, September 2003
This article reviews Britain’s experience of economic growth in the twentieth century. It argues that average living standards have risen much more r.. More

Wealth as a Criterion for Sustainable Development
Partha Dasgupta & Karl-Göran Mäler, World Economics, September 2001
In this article the authors define sustainable development as an economic programme along which social well-being does not decline over time. It can .. More
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