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Global Marketing Index

Released: July 31, 2015

Slowdown in the rate of growth continues for global marketing budgets

  • TV’s share of marketing budgets declines due to vibrant growth of new media
  • European GMI outpaces Asia and Americas
  • Global Adspend surpasses pre-crisis peak

The Headline Global Marketing Index (GMI) for July registered a value of 55.2 on its June figure indicating that marketing activity is still expanding at a solid pace. Growth was recorded across the globe with the July headline GMI values for Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and the Americas at 56.2, 54.8 and 54.8 respectively.

Global Marketing Budgets
The Index for Global Marketing Budgets growth in July registered a value of 52.1, down by 0.6 on the month before. This is the 29th consecutive month that the Index has recorded that panellists were experiencing rises in the amount of resources devoted to marketing. However, the Index value reflects a continuing slowdown in the rate of growth which began in January 2014.

Even though the rate of growth in marketing budgets eased in the first half of 2015, by using the latest global Adspend data available for the 2013 year end and applying extrapolated GMI growth rates, World Economics is able to show that real global advertising spending has now surpassed its 2007 pre-crisis cyclical peak.

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