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Global Marketing Index (GMI)

Released: October 30, 2015

Digital and Mobile maintain rapid global growth rate

  • Global Marketing Budgets expand for 32nd successive month.
  • Recovery in European marketing budgets continues as budgets in the Americas decline.
  • Staffing levels expand, but at a slowing rate.

The Headline Global Marketing Index (GMI) for October registered a value of 55.2 up from its value in September. This indicates that global marketing activity is expanding at a steadily pace but the rate of growth is down from the 2014 YTD average of 60.5. In October marketing activity grew in all regions with the headline GMI values for Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and the Americas at 58.6, 53.8, and 51.8 respectively. The America’s GMI value is based on the aggregate of the two continents with very different economic prospects. Marketing activity in North America is still rising strongly on the back of sustained economic growth mainly in the United States. On the other hand poor economic conditions in Brazil and other parts of South America are producing a contraction of marketing activity. This is verified by the contrasting findings of the World Economics Sales Managers’ Indexes (SMI’s) for the United States and for the Latin American economies. 

Global Marketing Budgets
The Index value for Global Marketing Budgets was 53.2 in October, up by 1.4 on the month before. This is the 32nd consecutive month that the Index has recorded growth in the resources panellists have devoted to marketing expenditure.

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