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The Sales Managers Index: Global Manufacturing

Released: December 20, 2016

Global Producer Output Prices Rise to Highest Level in 30 months

  • Business Confidence grows at fastest rate in 12 months
  • New factory orders accelerate towards the end of Q4
  • Job recruitment remains subdued in the manufacturing sector

The December SMI data for the Global Manufacturing sector reported another cautious month of improvements in manufacturing activity as the Sales Growth Index increased 1.6 index points against December last year. The Business Confidence Index reported the largest monthly gain since November 2016 and now stands at a 12 month high indicating improved levels of optimism going into 2017. Output Prices in December also jumped sharply from for Novembers’ low signalling the possibility of renewed global inflation as producers raise prices which will are likely to be passed on to buyers and consumers. Panel members are suggesting that continued stable sales growth, higher output prices and stable conditions are fuelling renewed optimism going into the New Year.

Headline Sales Managers' Index

Business Confidence Index

Sales Managers' Index Trends

  Direction Speed
SMI Growing Slowly
Business Confidence Growing Modestly
Market Growth Falling Very slowly
Sales Output Growing Solidly
Prices Charged Growing Modestly
Staffing Levels Growing Very slowly

Staffing Levels Index

About Global Manufacturing SMI Data

The Sales Managers Index provide the earliest monthly data on the speed and direction of Global Manufacturing economic activity.

Key advantages of the Global Manufacturing SMI:
  • The SMI provides the first indication each month of the speed and direction of economic growth in the Global Manufacturing sector .
  • The SMI provides the most complete indication of growth, covering all private sector activity.
  • The SMI is based on a key occupational group - uniquely able to sense changes in business activity levels.
  • The SMI is composite index of business confidence, market growth, sales, prices charged and staffing levels.
  • The SMI is a diffusion index, any index value above 50 indicates growth and below 50 indicates contraction.

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