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Spotlight: Olympic Glory in Proportion

With academics vying for the glory of correctly predicting the Olympic medal count using complex models, Dr Craig Nevill-Manning has instead produced a series of simple rankings based on the current medal count and GDP and population data. 

This unique way of observing the medal rankings produces some thought provoking results using the “GDP per Medal” measure. The host nation, Great Britain, is relegated from the 3rd spot on the total medal table to 34th. The United States, leading the medal tally, is downgraded even further to the 56th position. In contrast, countries such as Jamaica, North Korea and Belarus become the ‘real’ winning nations of the Olympics.


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803 days ago
people at the Associated Press have much bigger balls than ecosmoint Daniel Johnson and his team. Why? Because they not only predicted the number of medals that a national team will

805 days ago
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840 days ago
Very Interesting!

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