World Economics Authors

Brian Snowdon

Brian Snowdon is Principal Lecturer in Economics at the University of Northumbria, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. His principal research interests are in the areas of macroeconomics and international growth and development.

Papers Published in World Economics:

       Back to the Future
       The Enduring Elixir of Economic Growth
       The Influence of Political Distortions on Economic Performance
       Championing Free Trade in the Second Age of Globalisation
       From Socialism to Capitalism and Democracy
       Keeping the Keynesian Faith
       A Global Compact to End Poverty
       Explaining the ‘Great Divergence’
       Milton Friedman, 1912–2006
       Brian Snowdon on John S. Lyons, Louis P. Cain & Samuel H. Williamson (eds), Reflections on the Cliometrics Revolution: Conversations with Economic Historians
       The International Economic System in the Twentieth Century
       The Ups and Downs of Capitalism
       The Power of Ideas
       Redefining the Role of the State
       Institutions, Economic Growth and Development: A Conversation with Nobel Laureate Douglass North
       Beyond the Ivory Tower
       In Search of the Holy Grail
       Three Cheers for the 'Progressive State'
       Should We Be Globaphobic About Globalisation?
       Towards a Unified Theory of Economic Growth
       Exploring the Present Through the Past
       In Praise of Historical Economics
       Russia at the Crossroads
       Measures of Progress and Other Tall Stories
       The Wealth and Poverty of Nations
       James Tobin, 1918–2002