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Brian Sturgess


Brian Sturgess is the Managing Editor of World Economics and currently teaches at the University of Buckingham. A former lecturer in economics at a number of universities, he has published widely in books, academic articles and in the press on economics of advertising, the media and sports. He spent nearly 20 years working as an investment analyst and consultant to a number of merchant banks and media companies, including the BBC, the Telegraph Group, the World Advertising Research Centre, Tyne-Tees Television, Barclays, NatWest and ING Barings, on the financing and economics of media enterprises. He has also been a consultant to the European Commission on sport, culture and broadcasting and an economic adviser to the Chilean Football Federation. He is an Economic consultant to the Islamic Development Bank and the Emirate of Dubai. His current research interests are economic data, real estate and financial stability, emerging markets, Islamic economics and the use of behavioural economics in finance.

Papers Published in World Economics:

       Are Estimates of the Economic Contribution of Financial Services Reliable
       Evaluating the Impact of Trade on Development
       How Accurate are Global Trade-Finance Data?
       Hosting the FIFA World Cup
       Measuring Illegal Activities in the National Accounts
       Editorial: The Need to Improve Global Real Estate Data
       Double Deflation Casts Doubt on Existing GDP Data
       How The Crown Estate Could Become Britain’s First Sovereign Wealth Fund
       The Unstoppable Economic Rise of Asia
       Measuring Natural Capital and the Causes of Deforestation
       Saudi Arabian Labour Market Data Outlines the Challenges of Reform
       Indian Wholesale and Consumer Price Indices
       Applying Reputation Data to Enhance Investment Performance
       Brian Sturgess on Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner: Superfreakonomics
       Wealth and Population Data in Africa
       Editorial: The Scandalous State of State Accounting
       When to Buy and When to Sell Equities?
       Trade Data: Use with Care
       Measuring the Asia-Pacific Region
       Measuring Latin America
       Greek Economic Statistics: A Decade of Deceit
       Using Reputation to Grow Corporate Value
       Managerial Performance and Contract Instability in the Market for National Football Coaches