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Magda Kandil

Magda Kandil is a Senior Economist with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), where she has worked since 1999. In July 2006 she joined the Western Hemisphere Department in her present position, working on the policy agenda and relevant operational issues in the Caribbean. Her publications include 91 articles (as author or co-author) in international professional journals, 8 chapters in books, 7 book reviews, 11 IMF working papers and numerous other working papers. She is a Research Fellow of the Economic Research Forum for the Arab countries, Iran and Turkey (ERF). Her research in macroeconomics cuts across all sectors of the economy. Since joining the IMF, she has accelerated her research productivity and reorientated her focus to address policy issues of relevance to the IMF.

Papers Published in World Economics:

       Are MENA Countries Reaping the Benefits of Inflows?