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How Accurate are the national balance sheets for China?
The accuracy of data on China’s national balance sheets has attracted much less attention than that of the Gross Domestic Product reports. China’s Bureau of National Statistics has not released official national balance sheets, but two Chinese research teams have produced estimates for recent years...
How to Survive a compliment in China
Andrew Methven considers the subtle nuances of language and how behaviour are an important part of dealing with China, but often totally missed. Receiving or giving a compliment is one example of a cultural minefield for the uninitiated (or even quite experienced) foreigner there...
Data Manipulation of Inflation Statistics Artificially Raises Real GDP
Baseline Chinese economic data are unreliable. Taking published National Bureau of Statistics China data, three problems appear. First, base data on housing price inflation are manipulated. Second, the NBSC misclassifies most Chinese households...
Why Maddison was Wrong
Much academic debate in Western and Chinese universities has engaged in testing the hypothesis that standards of living in China did not fall behind those of the populations of the national economies of Western Europe until late in the eighteenth century Unfortunately, the data for China ...
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China GDP Data

Quality Rating: B
Use with caution
China GDP data has been assigned a 'Use with Caution' grade, which in general terms means that it provides a reasonable guide for some purposes...
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How Does China's Data Really Compare?

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