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Aims and scope of the journal

The objective of World Economics is to publish papers that provide clear analysis of important economic issues. As well as being relevant to academic, professional and student economists, the journal seeks to help politicians, civil servants, business people and others interested in economics to understand, without the need for high-level mathematics, the essential elements of the best current economic thinking.

While it may be an overstatement to say that all propositions in economics can be stated in plain language, it is the underlying principle of the journal that much economic thought and debate can, and often should, be communicated in a way that is understandable by non specialists.

In line with its objective, the journal aims to publish interesting articles by economists and experts in related fields who wish to communicate their ideas and findings to a wider audience than that existing for less accessible articles in the technical journals. The wider audience includes people in business, the professions, government and policy-making, and academics and students of various disciplines, who are interested in economics (and who indeed can occupy positions of considerable economic influence) but who do not necessarily possess the technical language of the professional economist.

As its title and sub-title suggest, the journal has an international perspective and publishes articles on a wide range of subjects and issues of current economic debate. Subject to professional standards being maintained, the journal will allow authors considerable freedom in how they treat their subjects. We wish particularly to encourage work, expressed in plain language, that is tangible, which contributes to public discussion and which is applicable to the practical concerns of decision-makers. Papers that help non-technical policy-makers keep abreast of developments in economic theory and practice will be especially welcomed.

Style of articles

In terms of style, articles should resemble those in Foreign Affairs, the Harvard Business Review and similar periodicals, rather than being presented as formal academic papers where the use of technical jargon (unless explained), constant references to ‘the literature’, and complex mathematics make it hard for non-specialists to follow the argument. References and footnotes should be kept to a minimum.Tables and figures may be included, so long as they are clear and necessary to illustrate points essential to the argument in the text.


Main articles should be in the range 2,500-6,000 words in length. Shorter articles are welcomed but longer ones should be agreed with the Managing Editor. They may be subject to editing in the cause of readability and understandability, in line with the journal’s aim to communicate clearly.


An abstract of about 100 words, introducing the article and summarising its main conclusions, must be provided, plus a list of key words indicating the content of the article. Note that abstracts are printed separately as part of the contents listing at the front of the journal, not as part of the article itself, therefore they should be provided as a separate item and not as part of the article.

Authors’ biographies

Authors’ names should be provided in the style desired for publication, together with a brief biography of about 50 words including current main title and affiliation.

Page proofs

Page proofs will be sent to the first-named author (or corresponding author if designated) of an article who will be advised by journal staff on the deadline for return of the corrected proofs. A PDF copy of the journal article will be sent to each named contributor.

Books for review

Books for review should be sent to the Managing Editor at the address below.

Address for contributors

Please send your article by email to: or mail typescript (two hard copies + one disk copy in any common word-processing software) to:

The Managing Editor,
World Economics,
1 Ivory Sqaure,
Plantation Wharf,
United Kingdom.
SW11 3UE

Conditions of publication

All articles are subject to acceptance by the Executive Editors and publication decisions are made by the editorial board in line with the objectives of the journal. Authors submitting a manuscript do so on the understanding that if it is published in the journal, copyright in the article, including the right to reproduce the article in all forms and media, shall be assigned exclusively to the journal. The transfer of copyright does not take effect unless and until the manuscript is accepted for publication and the author(s) notified. Authors will be asked to sign a copyright assignment form which is a condition of publication. Authors retain the right to re-use their material in future collections of their own work and their consent will be sought before granting permission to any third party to re-typeset and reprint their article in any other publication.