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Guinea-Bissau's Economics

Guinea-Bissau's GDP Size

GDP data is measured in Puchasing Power Parity International Dollars, including new estimates for the Informal Economy and outdated Base Years.

Guinea-Bissau's GDP Data Quality Ratings

A critical review of the GDP data produced by Guinea-Bissau's national statistics office.

Guinea-Bissau's GDP Growth

This data shows Guinea-Bissau's share of global growth relative to 150 other countries.

Guinea-Bissau's Inequality

Data covering the level of inequality for Guinea-Bissau.

Guinea-Bissau's GDP Per Capita

Combining new estimates for Guinea-Bissau's GDP and population data.

Guinea-Bissau's Debt

GDP data measured in PPP Int$ with added estimates for the informal economy and adjusted for any base year age.

Guinea-Bissau's Demography

Guinea-Bissau's Population

Size and key data relating to Guinea-Bissau's population.

2.1milSee this data for all countries
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72 : 5 : 77See this data for all countries
60See this data for all countries
Guinea-Bissau's Population Data Quality

A review of the quality of Guinea-Bissau's demographic data.

Guinea-Bissau's Environment, Social & Governance

Guinea-Bissau's Environment

Environmental criteria consider how Guinea-Bissau can reduce the impact of its operations on the natural environment.

Guinea-Bissau's Social Factors

Social criteria measures Guinea-Bissau's relationship with its citizens, population, workers, and communities.

Guinea-Bissau's Governance

Governance criteria assess qualities of the governments leadership, laws, corruption, politics, democracy, freedoms, & responsibilities.