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Portugal's Economics

Portugal's GDP Size

GDP data is measured in Puchasing Power Parity International Dollars, including new estimates for the Informal Economy and outdated Base Years.

Portugal's GDP Data Quality Ratings

A critical review of the GDP data produced by Portugal's national statistics office.

Portugal's GDP Growth

This data shows Portugal's share of global growth relative to 150 other countries.

Portugal's Inequality

Data covering the level of inequality for Portugal.

Portugal's GDP Per Capita

Combining new estimates for Portugal's GDP and population data.

Portugal's Debt

GDP data measured in PPP Int$ with added estimates for the informal economy and adjusted for any base year age.

Portugal's Demography

Portugal's Population

Size and key data relating to Portugal's population.

Portugal's Population Data Quality

A review of the quality of Portugal's demographic data.

Portugal's Environment, Social & Governance

Portugal's Environment

Environmental criteria consider how Portugal can reduce the impact of its operations on the natural environment.

Portugal's Social Factors

Social criteria measures Portugal's relationship with its citizens, population, workers, and communities.

Portugal's Governance

Governance criteria assess qualities of the governments leadership, laws, corruption, politics, democracy, freedoms, & responsibilities.