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Ratings of GDP Accuracy in the Americas
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World Economics, May 2019
The quality of economic data in North and South America is very variable. The United States Canada and Chile publish consistently good quality data, ranking high by international standards. There are significant quality issues with data produced in Bolivia, Honduras, and Paraguay. And at the extreme end of the scale, data produced in Venezuela and Haiti is likely to be of little value in describing prevailing economic conditions.
Measuring The Americas GDP
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World Economics, March 2015
The Americas, comprising the USA and Canada, the Spanish speaking countries of South and Central America plus Brazil and the Caribbean, is a region displaying large differences in living standards. The availability of resources has an impact on the quality and reliability of economic statistics. Chile and Mexico, both OECD members, produce economic data that can be compared favourably with the USA, Canada and many European countries. In other countries out of date base years, outdated national income accounting standards and problems in recording the size of the informal economy mean that GDP figures are likely to be underestimated. The most insidious problem in the region arises from the political manipulation of economic data in Argentina which has led to a censure of the government by the IMF.

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