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Trade Data: Use with Care
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, December 2017
Politicians focus on trade deficits and surpluses between countries and threaten trade wars and retaliatory actions, but the conventional internationa.. More
India and China: Tracking their WTO Journeys with Trade Data
Siddhartha Kumar Rastogi, World Economics, December 2017
Trade data are used to examine the roles played by India and China in the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the implications for their share of globa.. More
How Accurate Are the National Balance Sheets for China?
James L. Chan, World Economics, September 2017
The accuracy of data on China’s national balance sheets has attracted much less attention than that of the Gross Domestic Product reports. China’s Bur.. More
The Unstoppable Economic Rise of Asia
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, September 2017
The Asia-Pacific region is set to remain the world’s economic powerhouse in terms of economic growth for the next few decades. In value terms, Asian G.. More
What Makes Maddison Right
Jan Luiten van Zanden & Debin Ma, World Economics, September 2017
The ‘Great Divergence debate’ in economic history relates to the question of when China fell behind the levels of well-being in Western Europe. A rece.. More
Why Maddison was Wrong
Kent Deng & Patrick O’Brien, World Economics, June 2017
Much academic debate in Western and Chinese universities has engaged in testing the hypothesis that standards of living in China did not fall behind t.. More
The Creation of the Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank: America’s Loss and China’s Gain
Stuart Mackintosh, World Economics, September 2016
The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) pulled institutions together diplomatically and economically. It clarified options and failures of the past and hast.. More
How Fast Will China Grow Towards 2030
Jorgen Randers, World Economics, June 2016
Historical data for the last fifty years shows that there is a surprisingly strong correlation between the growth rate of a nation’s GDP per person an.. More
China’s GDP Per Capita from the Han Dynasty to Communist Times
Kent Deng & Patrick O’Brien, World Economics, June 2016
This article is a critical survey of the concepts and data utilized by economists and economic historians that purport to measure relative levels and .. More
Dissecting China’s Property Market Data
Meiping (Aggie) Sun, World Economics, March 2016
This paper analyses Chinese property market data to evaluate recent trends in the market and to make prognoses for the future. It considers whether or.. More
The Indian Economy: From Growth to Stagflation to Liberal Reform
Deepak Lal, World Economics, March 2016
This paper considers the optimistic scenario that India was on a high growth path and would follow China’s path with a lag (as its reforms started in .. More
Measuring Natural Capital
Dariana Tani, World Economics, December 2014
The purpose of this paper is to highlight the importance of establishing a system of natural capital accounting. Natural capital is integral to the ec.. More
Measuring the Asia-Pacific Region
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, September 2014
The Asia-Pacific region covers the countries around the Pacific Rim, South East Asia, the Indian Sub-Continent and Oceania. It contains three of the w.. More
Macroeconomic Policy in Open Economies
Graham Bird, World Economics, September 2014
The dilemma facing policymakers is how to combine the instruments they have available in the form of fiscal, monetary and exchange rate policy to achi.. More
Data Manipulation of Inflation Statistics Artificially Raises Real GDP
Christopher Balding, World Economics, June 2014
Baseline Chinese economic data are unreliable. Taking published National Bureau of Statistics China data, three problems appear. First, base data on h.. More
How The Crown Estate Could Become Britain’s First Sovereign Wealth Fund
Brian Sturgess and Keith Boyfield, World Economics, December 2013
The United Kingdom is one of a few larger economies without a national wealth fund. This paper investigates the feasibility of a recent proposal to tu.. More
Managing a Changing World Economy
Graham Bird, World Economics, December 2013
The world economy has been experiencing a period of great and dramatic change. In part this has been associated with the rapid emergence of China, the.. More
Poor Economic Statistics Fuel China’s Low Consumption Myth
Jun Zhang and Tian Zhu, World Economics, June 2013
The generally held belief that China’s consumption is too low is a myth based on inadequate theory, a misreading of official statistics and the use of.. More
How Safe is SAFE’s Management of China’s Official Foreign Exchange Reserves?
Friedrich Wu, Robbert-Jan Korthals and Ng Kuan Khai, World Economics, June 2013
This paper examines whether the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) and its subsidiary SAFE Investment Company (SIC), the sole managers of.. More
Industrial Rebalancing is Already Here, But Can it Continue?
Nate Taplin, World Economics, June 2013
In mid-2012, as China’s economy decelerated, growth in electricity production – traditionally a good proxy for the health of industry – diverged stron.. More
Displaying: 1-20 of 83
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