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The Globalisation of Corporate Governance and Implications for African Corporates in a Changing Regulatory Landscape
Hippolyte Fofack, World Economics, December 2017
Adopting global corporate governance standards remains a challenge for most corporates in developed and developing economies, but shareholder capitali.. More
Global Integration and World Migration
Oded Stark, World Economics, December 2016
This paper explores a theory of migration based upon a number of conjectures about the role of digital media. It proposes that a number of factors inc.. More
Institutions, Economic Growth and Development: A Conversation with Nobel Laureate Douglass North
Brian Snowdon, World Economics, December 2016
This paper is based on the transcript of an interview made by Professor Brian Snowdon with the late Douglass North, Noble Laureate who died in 2015. N.. More
Implications of Illicit Financial Outflows for Macro-economic Management and Development Effectiveness in Africa
Hippolyte Fofack, World Economics, December 2016
In Africa, a persistent rise in illicit financial outflows has compounded macroeconomic management challenges and heightened the risks of recurrent ba.. More
How to Reconcile Democracy, the State and the Global Market
Giovanni Farese & Paolo Savona, World Economics, June 2017
Nation states were the vehicle for market capitalism, but global market capitalism has freed itself from regulations imposed by nation states. A trile.. More
Measuring the Elusive Middle Class and Estimating its Role in Economic Development and Democracy
Giovanna Maria Dora Dore, World Economics, June 2017
The middle class has a special role in economic, political, and social thought, but social scientists seem unable to agree on how to define or measure.. More
Problem or Solution: Data on Sub-National Debt for Infrastructural Development in Nigeria
Kingsley Imandojemu, World Economics, June 2017
Nigeria has witnessed a substantial rise in sub-national debt at the state level in an economy characterised by infrastructural decay and macro-econom.. More
The Environmental Kuznets Curve
Harry Booth, World Economics, March 2017
The Kuznets curve is an income inequality measure used in development studies which predicts an inverse-U shape with inequality first rising with indu.. More
Defending Development
Raadhika Vishvesh, World Economics, March 2017
The need to define development has witnessed many attempts to condense a country’s economic deprivation into a single figure. In order to target poor .. More
Measuring the Impact of Agricultural Finance on Rural Inequality: Evidence from Egypt
Heba El-Laithy, Ahmed Rostom and Lamia Donia, World Economics, March 2017
Evidence suggests that financial development and improved access to credit not only accelerates economic growth, but also reduces household poverty an.. More
Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment in Economic Transformation: Toward an Institutional Framework
Patrick J. Schena & Asim Ali, World Economics, March 2017
The prospect of prolonged lower hydrocarbon and commodity prices has forced many countries to reconsider both fiscal policy and sovereign wealth fund .. More
Yin Yang Oil Prices and the Rise of African Economies: Policy Implications
Hippolyte Fofack, World Economics, December 2015
African oil exporters have been hard hit by the sustained decline in international oil prices. African oil importers are seeing dramatically lower oil.. More
Has Excessive Public Debt Slowed World Growth?
Anthony J. Makin, World Economics, December 2015
This paper contends that worldwide fiscal excess, as embodied in heightened public debt levels, is central to understanding why global growth has been.. More
The Creation of the Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank: America’s Loss and China’s Gain
Stuart Mackintosh, World Economics, September 2016
The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) pulled institutions together diplomatically and economically. It clarified options and failures of the past and hast.. More
The Paris Climate Agreement heightens development challenges in Africa
Hippolyte Fofack, World Economics, June 2016
Although the Paris Agreement lacks a binding mechanism for capping carbon emissions, and a legally binding financial commitment to support climate cha.. More
The Indian Economy: From Growth to Stagflation to Liberal Reform
Deepak Lal, World Economics, March 2016
This paper considers the optimistic scenario that India was on a high growth path and would follow China’s path with a lag (as its reforms started in .. More
The Endless Business of Reforming the IMF
Biagio Bossone, World Economics, December 2014
In this article I review Joseph P. Joyce’s thought-provoking book The IMF and global financial crises: Phoenix rising?” (Cambridge University Press, 2.. More
Investing in green growth for sustainable development in Africa
Hippolyte Fofack, World Economics, September 2015
An overview of the distributional impact of global warming shows that the negative externalities of carbon-intensive development models are already si.. More
Costing a Data Revolution
Gabriel Demombynes & Justin Sandefur, World Economics, September 2015
The lack of reliable development statistics for many poor countries has led the U.N. to call for a “data revolution” (United Nations, 2013). One fairl.. More
The Poverty of Statistics: Military Power, Defence Expenditure and Strategic Balance
Jan Ludvík, World Economics, March 2015
Military expenditure and the number of service personnel are the two features most commonly used to compare national military power. The question rema.. More
Displaying: 1-20 of 237
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