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The Globalisation of Corporate Governance and Implications for African Corporates in a Changing Regulatory Landscape
Hippolyte Fofack, World Economics, December 2017
Adopting global corporate governance standards remains a challenge for most corporates in developed and developing economies, but shareholder capitali.. More
Towards a Better Understanding of International Capital Volatility
Graham Bird, World Economics, September 2016
Understanding why capital moves internationally in the way that it does has become increasingly important as capital accounts have been liberalized an.. More
What Have We Learned From the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-09 and its Aftermath?
Anthony Elson, World Economics, June 2015
This article summarizes a number of key lessons from the effects of the global financial crisis that, with the passage of time, are having an importan.. More
Editorial: The Need to Improve Global Real Estate Data
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, September 2013
An introduction to World Economics 14.3 which focuses on the problems with Global Real Estate Data. More
Cross-Border Financial Integration in Asia and the Macro-Financial Policy Framework
Philip R. Lane, World Economics, June 2013
In relative terms, Asia came through the global financial crisis relatively well. In part, this can be attributed to its conservative approach to inte.. More
Global Production Sharing in the Australian Automotive Trade
Kishor Sharma, World Economics, December 2012
This paper contributes to the literature on global production sharing by investigating the experience of the Australian automotive industry, which has.. More
Global Financial Reform - Where Do Things Stand?
Anthony Elson, World Economics, June 2012
This article provides an assessment of the progress that has been made since the outbreak of the global financial crisis in 2008 in official efforts t.. More
Recent Developments on the Rare Earth Front
Robert Looney, World Economics, March 2011
Chinese actions in the rare earths market have raised a number of concerns about the country’s motives in restricting exports. One theory is that the .. More
On Economic Growth and Domestic Saving in India
Tarlok Singh, World Economics, March 2011
This study examines the economic growth and domestic saving in India. The onset of gradual economic reforms since the 1980s provided some fillip to gr.. More
Trade and Growth in the Post-Crisis World
Ronald U. Mendoza, World Economics, December 2010
Countries that have most successfully used trade as part of a high growth strategy tend to exhibit a distinct trading pattern that maximises learning... More
The Collapse of Global Trade
Ann Spehar, World Economics, September 2010
A unique feature of the financial crisis is the unprecedented collapse in global world trade. The objective of this paper is to explain some of that c.. More
Finance, Technology and Multinationals from the Periphery
Edmund Amann and Werner Baer, World Economics, March 2010
This article analyses the emergence of Latin American multinational corporations (MNCs), with a particular emphasis on the roles of finance and techno.. More
The Chinese Renminbi (Yuan)
Friedrich Wu, Pan Rongfang and Wang Di, World Economics, March 2010
This paper is a tentative endeavour to delineate the potential of the renminbi to become a global currency. It first analyses the critical economic, f.. More
The Return of the 1970s?
Fredrik Erixon and Razeen Sally, World Economics, March 2010
The global economic crisis, and governments’ responses to the crisis, did not precipitate a descent into 1930s-style protectionism. That is a relief. .. More
Reasons for Remitting
Oded Stark, World Economics, September 2009
This article presents a set of reflections on what gives rise to remittances, which constitute a major part of the impact of migration on economic dev.. More
Are MENA Countries Reaping the Benefits of Inflows?
Magda Kandil and Ida Aghdas Mirzaie, World Economics, September 2009
Using data for a sample of developing countries, we analyse the effects of external flows, namely migrants’ remittances and FDI flows, on real output .. More
How Many US Jobs Might be Offshorable?
Alan S. Blinder, World Economics, June 2009
Using detailed information on the nature of work done in over 800 US Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational codes, this paper ranks those occupations.. More
Will Economic Recovery Drive up World Oil Prices?
F. Gerard Adams, World Economics, June 2009
Globalisation has gone a long way towards freeing individual economies from their resource and technology constraints. But, paradoxically, as large ec.. More
The World Financial Crisis
F. Gerard Adams, World Economics, March 2009
The world financial crisis of 2008 is a consequence of new financial technologies, new accounting methods and new international linkages. These develo.. More
The Great Moderation and the New Business Cycle
Ann Spehar, World Economics, March 2009
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