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Measuring the Share of Labour in GDP
Michael Grömling, World Economics, December 2017
There is a view that increasing inequalities in advanced economies are responsible for growth problems and political polarisation. A new impetus has .. More
Measuring the Impact of the Internet on Retailing
Julian Gough, World Economics, December 2017
The internet has radically changed the purchasing of goods and services leading to a rapid expansion of online retailers and a decline of many traditi.. More
Measuring GDP in Fragile States
Barbro Hexeberg & Jose Pablo Valdes Martinez, World Economics, December 2017
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is central to measuring economic performance and productivity, and monitoring fiscal and monetary policies, as well as ch.. More
Analysis of Revisions in Indian GDP Data
Amey Sapre & Rajeswari Sengupta, World Economics, December 2017
This paper studies constant price growth estimates of India’s annual GDP data in order to understand the revision policy adopted by the Central Statis.. More
The Globalisation of Corporate Governance and Implications for African Corporates in a Changing Regulatory Landscape
Hippolyte Fofack, World Economics, December 2017
Adopting global corporate governance standards remains a challenge for most corporates in developed and developing economies, but shareholder capitali.. More
Global Integration and World Migration
Oded Stark, World Economics, December 2016
This paper explores a theory of migration based upon a number of conjectures about the role of digital media. It proposes that a number of factors inc.. More
Measuring the Success of Industrial Policy in Australia
Andrew Marks, World Economics, December 2016
Industry policy in the context of trade liberalization has played a critical reinforcing role in re-orienting production in the Australian manufacturi.. More
Institutions, Economic Growth and Development: A Conversation with Nobel Laureate Douglass North
Brian Snowdon, World Economics, December 2016
This paper is based on the transcript of an interview made by Professor Brian Snowdon with the late Douglass North, Noble Laureate who died in 2015. N.. More
Implications of Illicit Financial Outflows for Macro-economic Management and Development Effectiveness in Africa
Hippolyte Fofack, World Economics, December 2016
In Africa, a persistent rise in illicit financial outflows has compounded macroeconomic management challenges and heightened the risks of recurrent ba.. More
The Unstoppable Economic Rise of Asia
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, September 2017
The Asia-Pacific region is set to remain the world’s economic powerhouse in terms of economic growth for the next few decades. In value terms, Asian G.. More
Estimating the Impact of Foreign Trade on GDP Growth in Sweden
Manuchehr Irandoust, World Economics, September 2017
This paper uses historic economic data to review Swedish foreign trade and industrial policy over the period 1800–2000. The long-term causal relations.. More
Assessing the G20’s Mutual Assessment Process: A MAP but Little Direction
Graham Bird, World Economics, June 2017
After the global economic and financial crisis, the G20 has tried to orchestrate an internationally coordinated approach to economic recovery. In lat.. More
How to Reconcile Democracy, the State and the Global Market
Giovanni Farese & Paolo Savona, World Economics, June 2017
Nation states were the vehicle for market capitalism, but global market capitalism has freed itself from regulations imposed by nation states. A trile.. More
Building a New Testable Model to Estimate Total Factor Productivity
Andrew Smithers, World Economics, June 2017
A new model to measure Total Factor Productivity free from the flaws which exist in previous models; appropriate data are used to test it. The model d.. More
Double Deflation Casts Doubt on Existing GDP Data
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, June 2017
Increasingly, national income statisticians, the specialists involved in producing real national income figures, and the users of those figures are li.. More
Measuring the Elusive Middle Class and Estimating its Role in Economic Development and Democracy
Giovanna Maria Dora Dore, World Economics, June 2017
The middle class has a special role in economic, political, and social thought, but social scientists seem unable to agree on how to define or measure.. More
The Impact of Minimum Wage Legislation
Julian Gough, World Economics, March 2017
Minimum wage policies are powerful political tools, but the economic effects are unlikely to be in the interests of society as a whole. Wages should b.. More
Neglect Private Debt at the Economy’s Peril?
Leslie Manison & Savvakis Savvides, World Economics, March 2017
The role of private debt as a cause of financial crises and prolonged recessions is often neglected. In Cyprus policy concern has focused on governmen.. More
Measuring the Impact of Agricultural Finance on Rural Inequality: Evidence from Egypt
Heba El-Laithy, Ahmed Rostom and Lamia Donia, World Economics, March 2017
Evidence suggests that financial development and improved access to credit not only accelerates economic growth, but also reduces household poverty an.. More
Latin America: From Recovery To Slowdown
José De Gregorio, World Economics, December 2015
Economic performance in Latin America has been disappointing. After a successful recovery from the global financial crisis, growth in 2014 was in mos.. More
Displaying: 1-20 of 306
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