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India and China: Tracking their WTO Journeys with Trade Data
Siddhartha Kumar Rastogi, World Economics, December 2017
Trade data are used to examine the roles played by India and China in the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the implications for their share of globa.. More
Using Indian Data to Measure the Impact of the Eurozone Debt Crisis Through the Financial Channel
Vighneswara Swamy, World Economics, December 2017
Economic data for the period 2000 to 2013 shows that the sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone had a macroeconomic impact on India by transmission thr.. More
Analysis of Revisions in Indian GDP Data
Amey Sapre & Rajeswari Sengupta, World Economics, December 2017
This paper studies constant price growth estimates of India’s annual GDP data in order to understand the revision policy adopted by the Central Statis.. More
Flow of Funds Accounts
Tarlok Singh, World Economics, September 2017
This study uses historic flow of funds data in India and examines the movements of funds across financial and non-financial sectors of the economy. T.. More
The Unstoppable Economic Rise of Asia
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, September 2017
The Asia-Pacific region is set to remain the world’s economic powerhouse in terms of economic growth for the next few decades. In value terms, Asian G.. More
Youth Employment Crisis in India
Swati Dutta, World Economics, March 2016
The global financial crisis and the subsequent uneven recovery have underscored the need for Africa’s resilience to output and other shocks originated.. More
The Indian Economy: From Growth to Stagflation to Liberal Reform
Deepak Lal, World Economics, March 2016
This paper considers the optimistic scenario that India was on a high growth path and would follow China’s path with a lag (as its reforms started in .. More
Employment in India
Krishna Muniyoor, World Economics, December 2014
The growth of employment has become a matter of grave concern in India for the past two decades. This paper – based on the unit-level data of the 61st.. More
Measuring Multidimensional Vulnerability in India
Swati Dutta and Lakshmi Kumar, World Economics, September 2014
This paper examines the relationship between multidimensional poverty and multidimensional vulnerability. Unlike poverty, which describes the status o.. More
Measuring the Asia-Pacific Region
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, September 2014
The Asia-Pacific region covers the countries around the Pacific Rim, South East Asia, the Indian Sub-Continent and Oceania. It contains three of the w.. More
African Diaspora Remittances are Better than Foreign Aid Funds
Adams Bodomo, World Economics, December 2013
In this article, two sources of socio-economic development finance for Africa, African Diaspora remittance funds and Overseas Development Assistance (.. More
Human Resource Development (HRD) and Foreign Remittances
Muhammad Abdul Wahab, Vaqar Ahmed and Hamid Mahmood, World Economics, December 2013
This study tries to document linkages between HRD, migration and remittances in South Asia. We have explained in detail the various channels through w.. More
Why India is Vulnerable to Portfolio Investment Movements
Mandira Sarma, World Economics, December 2013
This paper analyses the trend of capital flows between India and the US during 2000–2012. The US is a major source of foreign capital in India, throug.. More
Asset Poverty in India
Swati Dutta, World Economics, September 2013
In order to formulate policy to target the correctly identified rural poor in India, focus on an income poverty measure alone is insufficient. The pur.. More
Demographic Change Across the Globe
Marga Peeters and Loek Groot, World Economics, June 2012
This paper investigates the fiscal pressure, or the level of public expenditure on old and young economically inactive people, arising from demographi.. More
The BRIC group – How Strong a Challenge to the West?
Jan Winiecki, World Economics, June 2012
This article looks at the BRIC countries with the understanding that countries not only grow, but also undergo structural change. Industrialisation fi.. More
India’s Post-Liberalisation Blues
Deepak Lal, World Economics, December 2011
This article first explains why India’s recent form of rent seeking has not damaged its growth performance. Second, it argues that India’s recent embr.. More
Indian Wholesale and Consumer Price Indices
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, September 2011
The Central Statistics Office of the Government of India launched a new Consumer Price Index (CPI) which will start producing consumer price inflation.. More
The European Union’s Trade Policies and Africa’s Exports
Olayinka Idowu Kareem, World Economics, June 2011
An important determinant of the sustainability of growth in Africa is the extent to which the continent can exploit the opportunities available from t.. More
Measuring African GDP
Joe Downie, World Economics, June 2011
There is much speculation about the growth potential of African economies. But in the light of unreliable official statistics and the highly selective.. More
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