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Measuring Income Inequality and Insufficiency
Percival S. Gabriel, World Economics, September 2017
Income inequality is normally illustrated by the Lorenz curve and measured by the Gini coefficient and other variant measures. Standard estimates excl.. More
Global Production Sharing in the Australian Automotive Trade
Kishor Sharma, World Economics, December 2012
This paper contributes to the literature on global production sharing by investigating the experience of the Australian automotive industry, which has.. More
Trade and Growth in the Post-Crisis World
Ronald U. Mendoza, World Economics, December 2010
Countries that have most successfully used trade as part of a high growth strategy tend to exhibit a distinct trading pattern that maximises learning... More
The Emergence of a Regional Financial Architecture in Asia
Anthony Elson, World Economics, September 2006
This paper provides an assessment of monetary and financial cooperation in Asia since the regional financial crisis of 1997–98, with a view to determi.. More
Governance Matters
David Bloom, David Steven & Mark Weston, World Economics, December 2004
In recent years there has been a surge of interest in governance: good governance increasingly is seen as a vital adjunct to successful development e.. More
Globalisation and the Asia–Pacific Revival
Arne Bigsten, World Economics, June 2004
This paper reviews evidence on the evolution of international economic integration of Asia–Pacific countries, and discusses the extent to which this .. More
The Emerging Northeast–Southeast Asia Divide and Policy Implications
Friedrich Wu, World Economics, March 2001
Since the outbreak of the Asian financial crisis in mid-1997, the gulf between the Northeast Asian economies and Southeast Asian economies has widened.. More
Biodiversity in the Marketplace
Geoffrey Heal, World Economics, December 2000
What is the nature of biodiversity as an economic commodity and why does it matter? How would its conservation contribute economically to our well-bei.. More
Sending the Herd off the Cliff Edge
Avinash Persaud, World Economics, December 2000
In the international financial arena, policy makers chant three things: market-sensitive risk-management, transparency and prudential standards. The m.. More
How Much Damage Will Climate Change Do?
Richard S.J. Tol, Samuel Fankhauser, Richard G. Richels & Joel B. Smith, World Economics, December 2000
Two reasons to be concerned about climate change are its unjust distributional impact and its negative aggregate effect on economic growth and welfare.. More
Is there a Case for an Asian Monetary Fund?
Graham Bird & Ramkishen Rajan, World Economics, June 2000
The East Asian financial crisis has spawned a number of proposals for institutional reform. Some envisage reforming existing institutions, particularl.. More
Displaying: 1-11 of 11