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Trade Data: Use with Care
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, December 2017
Politicians focus on trade deficits and surpluses between countries and threaten trade wars and retaliatory actions, but the conventional internationa.. More
India and China: Tracking their WTO Journeys with Trade Data
Siddhartha Kumar Rastogi, World Economics, December 2017
Trade data are used to examine the roles played by India and China in the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the implications for their share of globa.. More
Will ‘America First’ Trump International Cooperation and Coordination?
Stuart P. M. Mackintosh, World Economics, December 2017
Seventy years of American leadership of the international system has ended abruptly shaking the foundations of the post-World War II international arc.. More
The Globalisation of Corporate Governance and Implications for African Corporates in a Changing Regulatory Landscape
Hippolyte Fofack, World Economics, December 2017
Adopting global corporate governance standards remains a challenge for most corporates in developed and developing economies, but shareholder capitali.. More
Global Integration and World Migration
Oded Stark, World Economics, December 2016
This paper explores a theory of migration based upon a number of conjectures about the role of digital media. It proposes that a number of factors inc.. More
Measuring the Success of Industrial Policy in Australia
Andrew Marks, World Economics, December 2016
Industry policy in the context of trade liberalization has played a critical reinforcing role in re-orienting production in the Australian manufacturi.. More
Implications of Illicit Financial Outflows for Macro-economic Management and Development Effectiveness in Africa
Hippolyte Fofack, World Economics, December 2016
In Africa, a persistent rise in illicit financial outflows has compounded macroeconomic management challenges and heightened the risks of recurrent ba.. More
Estimating the Impact of Foreign Trade on GDP Growth in Sweden
Manuchehr Irandoust, World Economics, September 2017
This paper uses historic economic data to review Swedish foreign trade and industrial policy over the period 1800–2000. The long-term causal relations.. More
How to Reconcile Democracy, the State and the Global Market
Giovanni Farese & Paolo Savona, World Economics, June 2017
Nation states were the vehicle for market capitalism, but global market capitalism has freed itself from regulations imposed by nation states. A trile.. More
Latin America: From Recovery To Slowdown
José De Gregorio, World Economics, December 2015
Economic performance in Latin America has been disappointing. After a successful recovery from the global financial crisis, growth in 2014 was in mos.. More
Yin Yang Oil Prices and the Rise of African Economies: Policy Implications
Hippolyte Fofack, World Economics, December 2015
African oil exporters have been hard hit by the sustained decline in international oil prices. African oil importers are seeing dramatically lower oil.. More
Offshoring and the Labour Share in Germany and US
Deborah Winkler & William Milberg, World Economics, December 2015
Despite broad public concern with the effect of offshoring on inequality, there is scant research. The authors shift the focus to the effect of offsho.. More
De-Risking Impact Investing
Neil Gregory, World Economics, June 2016
Despite great investor interest in impact investing, actual investment flows have remained modest. This is largely due to insufficient investment oppo.. More
The Paris Climate Agreement heightens development challenges in Africa
Hippolyte Fofack, World Economics, June 2016
Although the Paris Agreement lacks a binding mechanism for capping carbon emissions, and a legally binding financial commitment to support climate cha.. More
Youth Employment Crisis in India
Swati Dutta, World Economics, March 2016
The global financial crisis and the subsequent uneven recovery have underscored the need for Africa’s resilience to output and other shocks originated.. More
Can Intra-Regional Trade Act as a Global Shock Absorber in Africa?
Zuzana Brixiová, Qingwei Meng and Mthuli Ncube, World Economics, September 2015
The global financial crisis and the subsequent uneven recovery have underscored the need for Africa’s resilience to output and other shocks originated.. More
On the Role of MDBs in Developing Islamic Finance
Ahmed Rostom, World Economics, September 2014
This paper analyses the main determinants of the diffusion and growth of the Islamic finance services industry (IFSI) globally. The boom in oil prices.. More
The Link Between Money and Nominal Spending
Ryland Thomas, World Economics, June 2014
The recent financial crisis has reignited interest in the role of money and credit in driving economic activity. This article takes a broad overview o.. More
Flowing Together or Flowing Apart
José María Larrú Ramos and Martha Carro Fernández, World Economics, March 2014
At a time when international institutions and governments rethink the structure of development financing, the analysis of the relationship between dif.. More
Managing a Changing World Economy
Graham Bird, World Economics, December 2013
The world economy has been experiencing a period of great and dramatic change. In part this has been associated with the rapid emergence of China, the.. More
Displaying: 1-20 of 127
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