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Bring greater safety & security to Investment decisions by using our unique economic data knowledge, benchmarking tools and data grouping techniques.

  • Know what economic data to trust via World Economics Benchmarks
  • Better investment decisions through knowledge of the flawed and misleading nature of much Government data
  • Use our Grouped Data to create more reliable data in areas where individual data streams are poor quality
  • Hedge Key Currencies with greater confidence
  • Monitor the state of Data Quality in 150+ countries
  • Understand the effect of major Government changes in days not months or years
    i.e. De-Monetisation in India

Better investment decisions with reliable data

Economic Data Knowledge      Insight & Analysis
Reports and papers by world experts to help policy makers, investors and businesses make more sense of the economic environment. Written by out eminent authors in an easily comprehensible style, on varied subjects such as Gross Domestic Product, Population, Output and Growth.      
Global Price Indexes:      Hedge Key Currencies
The World Price Index collection makes available real monthly PPP exchange rates for a basket of goods in the top 16 global economies. Sub-indices show the trends occurring, broken down by sector: Food, Durables, Gasoline, Hospitality and Recreation.      
Growth Trackers      Data Grouping Techniques
The Growth Trackers focus on the very latest data for the largest and fastest growth areas of the world from trusted sources. Due to the poor quality of much economic data, greater safety can be obtained by using more data series. Using these snapshots the Growth Trackers will provide you with greater security.      
Benchmarking Tools      Monitoring Data Quality
World Economics takes basic indicators of good data production practice and welds them into simple gauges that indicate immediate areas comparing country series you should or should NOT Trust.      
World Economics GDP Database      Long Term Trends
Review long term trends using the famous Madison database, which has been updated with up-to-date data in a useful 2011 constant prices format. The World’s most comprehensive GDP database. Covering over 130 countries with data from 1870.      

Sales Managers’ Indexes      The First Data Every Month - Data via subscription add-on
The Sales Managers’ Indexes provide the earliest indication each and every month of the direction of economic activity, and the speed at which markets are growing. Sales Managers are unique as an occupational group who collectively form a sensitive barometer of economic growth. Findings, charts and data are avalible with a separate subscription for China, United States, India and Mongolia, pricing available upon request.

How World Economics can help you

Economists, Investors and Government advisers all make decisions based on deeply flawed data.
Trillions of Dollars are invested every year on the basis of really bad economic data.

Our mission is to research and explain what economic data is good enough and what data is toxic, what is useable for serious decision making and what is not.

Why World Economics
World Economics has extensive experience of researching and reporting economic data for over 20 years . Experts in market research and economic analysis, we combine the latest research techniques with extensive operational experience. All data is based on fact not opinion.
Global market research
Data is researched and collected by local people in each country to ensure a thorough knowledge of local customs and practices, data is then analysed and reported from our London head-quarters. Research techniques are constantly updated and improved utilising best practice and crowd sourcing methodologies.
Regular schedule for data releases
All data is reported on a fixed schedule available in advance. Monthly data releases are always on the same day each month to ensure ease of access and continuity.

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   A round-up of key economic indicators each month
 Benchmarks of data quality for 150+ countries
 Insight and Perspective from eminent authors
 Track global growth monthly using a wide variety of data
 Hedge key currencies using Purchasing Power Parity indexes

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