Pensions Pocket Book 2019

The Pensions Pocket Book delivers to your fingertips the essential facts and figures you need in your daily work.

Your essential guide to the ever-changing pensions landscape for over 30 years.

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 An indispensable reference book for anyone working with pensions

The Pensions Pocket Book delivers to your fingertips the essential facts and figures you need in your daily work.

You will find a wealth of instantly accessible data, condensed into over 300 pages of what is a compact and truly pocket-sized guide. The concise yet clear presentation, including statistical tables and charts, step-by-step guides to procedures, memory-jogging check lists and useful summaries, will help you enormously in dealing with pension schemes, the legal background or current pension's issues.

You can rely on the Pensions Pocket Book to contain the sort of practical information busy professionals really find useful.

For everyone in the pensions business it provides a wide range of authoritative data at a very affordable price. So order your copies of the new Pensions Pocket Book now, and save yourself hours of time searching for the essential information you need to have readily to hand. You will find no other work aid that is so comprehensive yet compact, authoritative and useful.

Crammed full with essential pensions data

  • Step-by-step guides to procedures and useful summaries to jog your memory.
  • Invaluable checklists of what to do and when, and what special conditions apply.
  • Succinct helpful guidance to administrative, fiscal and legal requirements.
  • All information is derived from highly respected, authoritative and well-established data sources.
  • Contains original data not available from any other source.
  • A mass of detailed information condensed into a convenient pocket book format.
  • Saves you hours of time searching for essential pension facts.

Key highlights for the 2019 edition

  • Brexit and implications for UK pensions.
  • The White Paper on protecting DB pensions revised regulatory approach to scheme funding.
  • Comprehensive summary of state pension provisions.
  • Detailed explanation of the employer obligations under automatic enrolment.
  • Pensions taxation, including the impact of the tapered annual allowance and the money purchase annual allowance.
  • The latest information on buy-out and consolidation of schemes.


"The pocket book to pensions has built a solid reputation as an instant reference guide for the industry. Professionals who need to find facts and figures in an instant will find this publication very useful… a very handy and succinct book, which could save hours of time trawling through other tomes."
Pensions World

" stuffed full with the sort of information – facts, figures and useful lists – pensions folk constantly need but can’t remember with complete accuracy… admirably thought out..."
Pensions Today

"The Pensions Pocket Book is the best pensions reference since sliced bread!"
Phillip Taylor MBE, “The Barrister”