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May Sales Managers Surveys Remain Optimistic

13 June 2024
World economic activity is starting to look rather buoyant when seen through the lens of economic growth in the world's three largest economies (China, the USA and India), measured in Purchasing Power Parity terms.

For most of the recent past these countries have collectively contributed close to 60% of global growth, so if their survey numbers are looking good, prospects for the world as a whole are unlikely to be too far behind.

The Sales Managers growth related Indexes are now all consistent with expectations of significantly expanded economic activity in the remainder of 2024. Of particular note , the growth related components of the Global Sales Managers Index are all positive, and Business Confidence in both China and India is bullish. Consistent with this view, global equity indexes are mostly at all-time highs.

These data provide significant indications that the world may avoid a much predicted global recession brought on by rising interest rates in 2024, and continue to enjoy economic growth this year.  Continue reading for more analysis, charts & data. [SUBSCRIBER ONLY]

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