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13 June 2024
The Economist compiled an index of countries ranked by geopolitical closeness to Russia. The table was headed "Putin's Pals". The countries featured (ranked in order of closeness) are shown below, with the World Economics Governance rating shown alongside.

The World Economics Governance Rating scale runs from A = Very good, to E = You don’t want to live there.

World Economics Governance Rating of “Putin’s Pals”
Putin’s Pals

Notes: Governance based on Rule of Law, Press Freedom, Political Rights and Corruption levels, 2023 data.
Sources: World Bank,, Freedom House and Transparency International.

Russia, as might be expected, carries the lowest grade rating of E. No fewer than 9 of the 12 "pals" are also rated E grade. The remaining three countries creep no higher than C grade.

Clearly a rather damning illustration of the old saying that "birds of a feather, flock together".
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