Jamaica's Upgraded Data Quality Rating


Offical GDP data for Jamaica has been awarded the quality rating of E - E. World Economics has calculated that if Jamaica records it's informal economy size and moved to chain weighting for it's GDP base year, this would move it's rating to grade D.

Jamaica's data is highlighted in the table below, use the filter and sort order options to allow easy comparison with other countries.

Data source: World Economics Research, London

Country Offical

Australia A A
Austria A A
Bahamas, The B A
Belgium A A
Canada A A
Chile A A
Costa Rica B A
Cyprus B A
Czechia A A
Denmark A A
Finland A A
France A A
Germany A A
Greece A A
Hong Kong A A
Iceland A A
Ireland A A
Israel A A
Italy A A
Japan A A
Korea, Rep. A A
Luxembourg A A
Malta B A
Netherlands A A
New Zealand A A
Norway A A
Portugal A A
Saudi Arabia B A
Singapore A A
Slovenia A A
Spain A A
Sweden A A
Switzerland A A
United Arab Emirates A A
United Kingdom A A
United States A A
Uruguay B A
Argentina D B
Armenia B B
Bahrain B B
Belarus B B
Botswana C B
Brazil B B
Bulgaria B B
Burkina Faso C B
China B B
Colombia B B
Croatia B B
El Salvador D B
Estonia B B
Georgia B B
Ghana C B
India D B
Indonesia C B
Jordan B B
Latvia B B
Malaysia C B
Mauritius B B
Mexico C B
Moldova B B
Mongolia B B
North Macedonia B B
Oman B B
Peru D B
Philippines C B
Poland B B
Qatar B B
Romania B B
Russia C B
Rwanda C B
Senegal C B
Serbia C B
South Africa C B
Sri Lanka C B
Türkiye B B
Albania C C
Algeria B C
Benin C C
Bhutan E C
Cabo Verde C C
Cameroon D C
Cote d'Ivoire D C
Dominican Republic B C
Ecuador D C
Eswatini D C
Gambia D C
Guatemala C C
Hungary C C
Kenya D C
Kuwait D C
Lesotho D C
Lithuania B C
Malawi C C
Mauritania D C
Morocco C C
Mozambique D C
Myanmar D C
Namibia C C
Niger D C
Nigeria E C
Pakistan C C
Paraguay D C
Sierra Leone E C
Slovak Republic B C
Suriname C C
Tanzania D C
Togo C C
Trinidad and Tobago D C
Turkmenistan C C
Uganda C C
Ukraine C C
Zambia D C
Zimbabwe E C
Afghanistan E D
Angola E D
Azerbaijan D D
Bangladesh E D
Bolivia E D
Bosnia and Herzegovina D D
Brunei Darussalam E D
Burundi E D
Cambodia E D
Central African Republic E D
Chad E D
Comoros D D
Congo, Dem. Rep E D
Congo, Rep. E D
Egypt D D
Ethiopia E D
Gabon E D
Guinea E D
Guinea-Bissau E D
Guyana E D
Haiti E D
Honduras E D
Jamaica E D
Kazakhstan C D
Kyrgyzstan C D
Laos E D
Lebanon C D
Liberia E D
Libya E D
Madagascar E D
Mali E D
Nepal E D
Nicaragua D D
Panama D D
Papua New Guinea E D
Sudan E D
Taiwan C D
Tajikistan D D
Thailand D D
Tunisia D D
Uzbekistan D D
Vietnam D D
Yemen, Rep. E D

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Grade definitions:

         A: As good as it gets;
         B: Use with caution;
         C: Unreliable for many purposes
         D: Extremely poor quality.