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Qatar is by Far the Largest per Capita CO2 Polluter

13 July 2024
Top 10 Largest per Capita CO2 Polluters
Index range: 0-100
Qatar is by Far the Largest per Capita CO - 2 -  Polluter

The sight of outdoor heaters in winter on restaurant terraces has become a common sight in developed countries, but clearly goes against best practice in fighting global warming. The French ban on heated terraces reportedly cuts emissions equivalent to 300,000 cars per year.

But even more polluting practices are emerging in some very hot countries. As the book (Nomad Century, by Gaia Vince) points out, Qatar has even begun attempting to air-condition outdoor spaces, cooling sports stadiums, outdoor markets, dining areas and other public areas, a process that has helped it climb to the top of the per capita CO2 polluter rankings.

The World Economics CO2 per capita Index shows Qatar is, by far, the largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world. Qatar illustrates the danger of wealthy countries attempting to mitigate the impact of the warming planet on their own populations, using methods that actually accelerate the process of global warming for others.


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