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Weather's Coming Impact on Economic Growth

Last updated: 23 March 2024
The table below shows a selection of countries potentially likely to face the shocks of global warming. Simply because they already have significantly warmer average temperatures than many other countries. A selection of colder countries has been added for comparison purposes. An IMF analysis suggests natural disaster prone countries have (unsurprisingly perhaps) lower levels of economic growth than countries less prone to extreme weather conditions. Projected levels of climate change are likely to only make the existing situation worse.

Average temperature for key investment markets
Degrees Centigrade, 2022

Extreme weather can take many forms, not all directly related to temperature, but the increasing and already seasonally close to human tolerance level temperatures in some countries and devastating floods endured by Pakistan and other countries perhaps bookend the possibility of dramatic change in the not too distant future in some areas of planet earth. See more data...

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